Buying a truck is not an insignificant act, much less obvious than buying a passenger car. There are a number of steps to follow when buying your truck. Before making such an investment, whether you are a private or professional buyer, it is therefore important to think carefully about the meaning and use you want to give to this much sought-after vehicle, whether it is a utility model, a public transport bus, or a “pure and hard” truck.

The basic qualities of a truck

It is indeed important to know which model category, by nature, would best suit you. To know what the technical skills of a particular van, carrier or tractor are in terms of cab, driving comfort, safety and, above all, the transport of loads and goods. Should the truck you are looking for be of light, medium or heavy tonnage? What type of chassis are you looking for exactly? The chassis is the architectural basis of a truck. It is of paramount importance. Before making your choice, it will therefore be necessary to carefully check its good working order, and assess whether it can meet your transport requirements.